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In book promotion, frequently who you know makes a large difference in the degree of success you experience as an author. The following entities are connections we have developed in the industry to whom you might look for various services and products necessary to write, publish and promote your book.

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Finding themselves blocked at myriad places along their journey, the needs of debut authors are thus significantly different. EVERY author-book-market combination is unique, making it difficult for any service provider within the industry to create or utilize a cookie cutter process that works equally well for everyone. Menu-driven Book Marketing Strategies allow each author to be in full control of choosing only the tools and/or services to fit their specific needs.

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Anna Weber combines close to two decades of being a Small Business Coach and Literary Strategist, serving sassy Entrepreneurs and savvy Service Professionals not only in her Arizona community, but also clients on an international level. Anna served on faculty for Christian Mickelsen’s Small BIZ U, Australia’s 24-7 Coaching and Deborah Robinson’s televised Visionary program. She is a sought after speaker, an Associate Member of Author U and member of Author’s Academy, the Million Dollar Author Club and Brendon Bruchard’s Expert Academy.

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There has NEVER been a better time to write, publish and promote a book to the highest imaginable levels of personal, professional and financial success! There has never been a better time to write, publish and promote a book… the big issue is just how you get your Get Your Book Noticed!

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How would you like to get the insider secrets that would ensure you take that same stellar path? And... how would you like to gain that knowledge in a very compressed time frame, rather than spending countless hours online, researching and trying to find the best of the best - or taking a class on one topic and a webinar on yet another, and on and on and on... ? What would it be like to just get away from your busy life and return home with the perfect plan to guide, direct, motivate and engage you in doing it the right way for your own book?

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Lisa Marie Platske

"We never get to a place where we believe our expertise has enabled us to be self-sufficient and unable to learn from others - never!" Think Success Is Something You Create On Your Own?!? Think Again! If you desire to create wealth, community, and prosperity in your personal and professional life — if you long to make a positive impact — if you want to leave a legacy, then, this book is a must–read!The path to winning — at life, in relationships, and in business — is not solitary. Now more than ever, connecting with other people on an authentic level is not only an important skill…it’s the new currency for success.

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Don Wooldridge

New Beginnings, Book 2 of the Secrets of Clayton County Trilogy keeps you turning just over 300 pages of the kind of suspense that keeps you on the edge of... romance! Sarah Hunter makes life choices: leave her position with the IRS and walk away from an exciting, romantic connection in Chicago - which just happens to turn cold and ugly. No certainty of what she will find when she returns to the sleepy little Iowa town, and secrets in Clayton County where Sarah is just the person to uncover them. Little did Sarah expect to be whisked away in the night and thrown in a dark, cold jail cell, nor a suspicious fire playing a large part in her future.

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Martha Reed, PhD

Holistic Chakra Balancing and the Power of Color Therapy delivers readers a stimulating and informative exploration into the power of color and the ability to combine the two for health and fitness through alternative therapies. The first section discusses Chakras – the seven vital energy centers of the human body that control many aspects of our physical, mental and spiritual well-being. The second section proposes there is no longer any question about the impact of color as it interacts with the human energy system. Dr. Martha Reed also shares myriad important areas of reference - outlining the conscious use of color to influence the promotion of health and well-being - while leading readers to more in-depth study of several healing disciplines.

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Antoinette Sykes

This book remains an evergreen resource to help you heal, bounce back and find yourself… Unsinkable! Quite frankly… life happens! In {An} Unsinkable Soul readers will find stories by purpose-directed authors who have learned to bounce back from life’s challenges, creating Unsinkable concepts they have come to live… as dynamic and transformational experts who want to lead others to a better place in what we call LIFE! {An} Unsinkable Soul was written to provide and encourage readers to look differently at life challenges, and in bouncing back from them… to continue moving forward. At the end of the day, readers will find hope and love in the midst of chaos and uncertainty.

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